a causa dell'immagine

2020, oil on canvas

200 x 250 cm / 78,74 x 98,42 Inches

A causa dell'immagine is a brand new painting, which Alessandro Giannì created with the collaboration of VASARI: a custom artificial intelligence program created specifically to emulate the artist’s creative and conceptual processes, essentially becoming a "collaborator" during the production of new paintings. VASARI - the software - is able to conjure digital sketches based on certain indications and through re-elaboration of Giannì's earlier paintings and images collected from the internet in the artist’s archive. Giannì then selects from the sketches images he will turn in oil paintings that the he paints himself, paintbrush to canvas. The oil painting is a result of several interactions between Alessandro Giannì and the AI.


2018, oil on canvas

90 x 70 cm / 35,43 x 27,55 Inches


2020, oil on canvas

 36,5 x 30 X 35 cm / 14,37 x 11,81 x 13,77 Inches