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Alessandro Giannì (Rome 1989). In his work he collects aesthetic fragments from the web with the intention of giving them new life. In his artworks the analogical practice of painting merges with the use of new media, with the Internet and the digital culture, investigating the connections between the digital universe, parallel universes, and the dreamlike and introspective world of human beings. In his research there are different types of works, both of a traditional nature (painting, drawing and sculpture), and of a technological nature (artificial intelligence, VR, video, animation, 3D printing). In 2019 he has created a piece of artificial intelligence called “VASARI”, which can emulate his creative and conceptual process and can assist him in composing sketches. In 2020 he was among the founders of Spaziomensa, an artist-run space created to enhance the Roman artistic ferment. He has exhibited his works in several institutions in Italy and abroad including: the American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center (Washington DC, USA); the residence of the Italian ambassador to the USA “Villa Firenze” (Washington DC, USA); the MAXXI museum (Rome, Italy); the MACRO museum (Rome, Italy); the Casa delle Armi (Rome, Italy); the Swiss Institute of Rome (Italy); the Swiss Institute of Milan (Italy); Kühlhaus Berlin (Berlin, Germany); the Winter Museum (Siena, Italy), the Gardens of the Venice Casino (Venice, Italy). He was the art director for the EGH project by Enrico Ghezzi and Emiliano Montanari at the 73rd Venice Biennale Cinema International Film Festival and in 2014 he took part in the show Ñewpressionism at the Swiss Cultural Institute in Milan, curated by the Greek artist Miltos Manetas. Recent exhibitions include: Due to the Image, Postmasters Gallery (New York, USA); Ineffable Worlds, Tang Contemporary Art (Hong Kong); Transfiguration: leaving reality behind, Postmasters Gallery (New York, USA); Group Show, Spaziomensa (Rome, Italy); Salon Palermo, Rizzuto Gallery (Palermo, Italy); Expo Azimut Libera Impresa (Fiera Milano-Rho); Messinscèna, Numero Cromatico (Rome, Italy); Questa razza di diavoli non conosce regole!, Maker Faire - The European Edition; L’apocalisse dell’ora, AlbumArte (Rome, Italy). His works are published in many books and specialized journals including: R. Miracco (ed.), Italian Artists at Villa Firenze, Embassy of Italy Washington, 2021; C. Biasini Selvaggi e V. Catricalà (eds.), Arte e tecnologia del terzo millennio. Scenari e protagonisti, Electa-Collezione Farnesina, 2020; S. Arcagni (ed.), Immersi nel Futuro. La Realtà virtuale, nuova frontiera del cinema e della TV, RAI-Palermo University Press, 2020; G. Armogida (ed.), ROMA NUDA. 60 conversazioni sull’arte, MINIERA, 2020.

WEB_AlessandroGiannì_210929_fotoECP5536 (r).jpg

2021, oil on canvas
70 X 90 cm / 27,55 x 35,43 cm Inches

WEB_AlessandroGiannì_210929_fotoECP5538 (r).jpg

2021, oil on canvas
70 X 90 cm / 27,55 x 35,43 cm Inches

Due to the Image (The Right Mistake) 2 d HD.jpg

Representative sketch for a possible commissioned work
oil on canvas

250 x 90 cm 

3g Alessandro Giannì, l'apocalisse dell'ora, 2014, 200 x 300, olio su tela (r).jpg

2014 ,oil on canvas
200 x 300 cm 

3h SEBASTIANO LUCIANO Alessandro Giannì,

2014 ,oil on canvas
200 x 335 cm / 78,75 x 131,89 Inches

Quadro 1.jpg

6. l'inganno fluido del tempo
2017, oil on canvas
200 x 150 cm / 78,74 x 59,05 Inches

foto rielab 2.jpg

7. lo sguardo di hans
2021, oil on canvas
120 x 140 cm

foto 2  rielab 2.jpg

8. lo sguardo di hans
2021, oil on canvas
90 x 70 cm

PicsArt_01-28-12.37.26 (1).jpg

9. the truth is a forest
2020, oil on canvas
200 x 150 cm / 78,74 x 59,05 Inches


10. lo sguardo di hans
2018, oil on canvas
Triptych 70 x 90 cm cad. / 27,55 x 35,43 Inches cad.


lo sguardo di hans